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Tatyana LLC

To our valued customers:

Tatyana Designs, Inc. is ceasing to manufacture and design clothing under the Bettie Page label.

Tatyana Designs, Inc. will label all its product going forward under the “Tatyana” label. The designs, quality and pricing will be consistent with the current designs (most which are already labeled “Tatyana”). During the transition period, some existing stock that is already labeled as Bettie Page will continue to be shipped under that name.

As an added incentive, we are offering current in stock styles under the Bettie Page line at a 25% discount for the next few weeks. We will not take back orders at this time on these styles.

Our wholesale website will stay but our retail website has changed. It is now

If you have any questions on stock or would place an order by phone, please feel free to call me at 702-458-1632 ext. 1

Best regards,
Cindy White
Wholesale Manager
Tatyana, LLC

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